Maintenance and 24 hours service for your technical facilities

The technological facilities, especially the transmission net, form the mainspring of every radio station. The transmission net and the transmission equipments are the moving mechanism which takes the product (radio program) to the consumers (listeners).

If the transmision net fails totally or just partly or only just for a few seconds, most listeners switch to the competitor. Various radio stations have fully entrusted the servicing, the maintenance and the 24 hours service to us. In order to meet high responsibility, we have established a servicing maintenance concept and a 24 hours service among other services.

Acting as a precaution to avoid damages and value disintegration.

With our frequent, precautionary measures we make sure that the plants are kept in a good condition and foreseeable sub-breaks and damages are avoided. Therefore consumable wear out parts are replaced before a failure arises, based on our around 17-years experience. All the settings and the emission ratings are also checked and adjusted when it should be done. This way the value of your plant is protected, the life cycle is extended and it reduces the risk of failures strongly.

Act fast if it comes to a failure despite of all precautions.

Every break down is annoying, no matter what it is. As a central help point, we offer our customer to coordinate the performances of third party partners. In the context of our 24 hour service, conflict such as X.21 line of Swisscom or a simple power failure, we will investigate and find out where the failure is. It will be relief to your radio team. We can identify the damage immidiately and re-activate the transmition mode, thanks to our long-standing experience and careful investigation. Even if there is a serious damage or defect of your transmission installation, we have replacement parts at our disposal to make the break down period short and avoid a bureaucracy.

Our 24 hour service is 7x 24 hours at your disposal.

It will be a pleasure to offer you a service package, which will accord your requirements and agree to your economical possibilities the best.

It schouldn't be.

This is one of the most extrem example of a transmission facility of a Swiss private radio station. Probably this facility hasn't been functioning for a long time. The listeners must have switched to another radio station long time ago. The value of this one time investment can be detracted severely because of the omission of the minimal maintenance.