Mobile studio

  • Increase your public appearance within the transmission area by more frequent and spontaneous external broadcasting activity.
  • This vehicle's concept is aimed to be used by the whole radio teams without problems. Technician support is only required when there is a complex outdoor event. Easy switch and broadcasting reports will be mastered without problems by your moderator or your editor.
  • Thanks to energy independence, when you are in a rush, you don't have to look for a socket first. For reports the car is operational for approximately one hour.
  • Design and ergonomics are top class.Our aim was not only to build a beautiful representative vehicle, but also design work facility, which you will love to work on it. The design and the ergonomic formation are tuned in detail for every workflow, according to the radio team's requirement.
  • The use as emergency studio, thanks to W-LAN synchronisation and automation system you are ready for the emergency situations.


Conceiving, the planning and the building of mobile studios are extremely challenging. The narrow space conditions require a very careful planning in order to guarantee good ergonomics. Diverse tests and samples were required to find the optimum.


The traffic legislation requires that correct application of maximum weight and the safety regulations are ensured.



Also the high variations in temperature between summers and winters in the vehicle, the vibrations and the forces by brakes and acceleration, the acoustics, measures for the avoidance of condensation, as well as the restrictions of the energy consumption make additional complex demands, which needed to be achieved on a high professional level.