Sound design

The sound pattern of radio station nowadays is more frequently considered as a part of its corporate design. Therefore the sound pattern must be aligned to the program contents and target group. A good and pleasant sound pattern can unconsciously contribute to the affinity of the audience to a specific radio station. The listeners get used to high sound quality very quickly and think of it as if it was absolutely normal. If these listeners switch to another station which does not have an optimal sound pattern, they will miss something. In addition the sound quality is reflecting unconsciously to the program contents and program quality. Listeners which are used to a good sound pattern, more easily have a tendency to avoid other stations with less sound quality.

During the last couple of years Sumatronic was able to set up at various radio stations appropriate concepts of conceive transmission system and has long term experiences with audio processing systems and sound design.

To develop a unique, original and optimal sound design of a certain radio station, various informations and works are needed. Part of it is to get familiar with the radio program, their target groups, competitors, music repertories and lots of other things. In addition, lots of input of the radio team is of great value. The aim is to create a nice and pleasant sound pattern, which appeals to the target group and becomes the typical and matching character of the radio station.

In addition to Optimod, options are available to define the use of microphone processors to define single voices separately when transmitted and how to exclaim them. This encourages the recognition of the voices and therefore the entire image of the station.

The use of Optimods and Digiplxers enable to comply with the regulations and requirements of BAKOM. This way unnecessary disturbance to other radio stations can be avoided. BAKOM supports the use of such equipment with a financial contribution.

The Sumatronic teams is at your full disposal to any further questions