Studio technic

As a long-term provider and maintenance company of broadcast and production studios, we know the needs of the program staff very well. A convenient, user-friendly and ergonomically designed studio allows the radio-team to concentrate on the content and experience technology as an accompanying and supportive tool.

We are convinced that there is a positive effect on the program - and thus on the success of a station - if a moderator even with little technical flair likes to be in the studio, feels comfortable and can handle the mixing console without any problems.

High reliability and long-lasting systems enable continuous and economical operation. In the long term, it is cheaper to invest in good products.

DHD's high-quality and modular scalable products allows one to build a complete studio infrastructure for smaller or even very large radio stations, from the small editor's workplace to very large studios, including audio routing.

In addition to DHD, we also offer AEQ mixers for the low-cost range for simpler applications.

Through our close cooperation with partners, we find the product that best suits your needs and your economic possibilities.

In addition to mixing consoles, we also offer everything else you need for your broadcasts and productions. E.g. Reporting  devices, telephone hybrids, audio codec, microphones, accessories and the possibility to build special designs for you.

We would like to learn about your needs and like to offer to you a tailor-made concept. We also have cooperation with many partners such as integrators and consultants.

For decades, we have maintained to the benefit of our customers a good and successful cooperation with many companies both inside and outside the industry.


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