Special equipments

DTC - Delay Time Synchronisation
More and more FM and DAB receivers are used in the households. Therefore the synchroni-sation of the different transmission vectors is becoming more important. Not having synch-ronised the vectors in a competitive market, can result disadvantages for your radio station. Why? Simple because using an FM receiver in the living room and a DAB receiver in the kitchen is more and more common. The different arrival times of the audio can annoy the listeners. Very small time differences are mostly acceptable, since the DAB receivers do not have a common delay. However, having audio signals arriving with more than 200 ms difference can be a dis-comfort for the listeners.
The UPS(Uninterruptable power supply) supervision switch checks the UPS exit voltage and the mains. As soon as the UPS exit voltage fails (due to a fault or weak battery) and it mains is available, a controlled switch-over function will be arranged. With this electronic equipment transmission failures due to problems on UPS-systems can be avoided.
temperature monitoring
with quick alarm via SMS

With the temperature monitoring with SMS and visual alarms can be reacted quickly in emergency situations. The case uncontrolled high temperature in the equipmentroom will be counteracted by the first suitable measures (window, drafts, fans ...).
Tx- ECD-3 Program failure emergency steering
Three sensors are supervising the studio audio signal. In case of failure (detection of majority decision) a emergency system will be started or switched to a redundant audio feeding signal.
I/O Patchbox
Control signals between two different studios, play-out systems or equipments rooms can routed during operations in an easy to survey mode with this patch box.
LNPC Codec local area program steering
Remote controllable program local area subprogram–steering with ISDN transmission function.