DAB Indoor Repeater

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Digital radio DAB has a rising popularity. The choice and sound quality of the many radio programs, which can be received almost anywhere from the air, are overwhelming.
Unfortunately, however, many offices, shops or parking garages are located in large buildings with thick facades or even in lower floors. The reception is often not possible there. Thus it often happens that the audience has no DAB reception in such buildings.
Particularly in shops, where customers want to buy a DAB + radio, a missing reception is not only bad for the sales, but also frustrating for the customers and the sellers.
But also in many car parks, offices and public buildings, a lack of reception is increasingly perceived as a lack whereas the importance of DAB is increasing.



DAB Repeater

DAB repeaters work like very small radio transmitters. For legal operations, they must meet a variety of technical quality standards and guidelines, which are required by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). In addition to the signal-amplifier there are also different technical elements which prevent the interference of other radio services. The authorities want to ensure that these repeaters do not interfere to other radio-services such as fire brigades, rescue forces, ambulances and the police, as well as emergency call frequencies.
Installations which do not comply with the legal requirements of OFCOM (NT-3003 V1.0.0), e.g. in case of fire, can cause a severe risk of liabilities.

Sumatronic has been offering compliant systems for many years, which are usually installed and measured in close cooperation with your house electrician / antenna installer. Operation of the system is maintenance-free and does not entail any concession fees. The electricity consumption is only a few Francs or Euros per year.



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Please note that our DAB-repeaters are manufactured according to the regulations for Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the proper operation of our products in these countries indoors is legal. In other countries, there may be other regulations or laws that may restrict or even prohibit the use. The purchaser and/or the user are fully responsible for the full compliance with the laws and regulations in his country. Sumatronic expressly disclaims any liability.



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